Millerhill East Junction

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Millerhill East Junction (1962-)

Opened on the Millerhill Marshalling Yard (British Railways).


This junction is on the line between Newcraighall North Junction and Monktonhall Junction near the southern end of the former Millerhill Yard Up Sorting Sidings. It is the eastern apex of a triangle of lines with Millerhill West Junction giving access north to Newcraighall North Junction and Millerhill South Junction which leads to the disused portion to the former Millerhill station, Millerhill Junction and the Kaim Points. To the east the line runs via the Monktonhall Curve to Monktonhall Junction.

The route from Niddrie West Junction through Millerhill East Junction to Monktonhall Junction provided a duplicate route to the Niddrie West Junction through Wanton Walls Junction to Monktonhall Junction route which was to close a few years later.

In particular the junction provided the exit to the East Coast Main Line for the Millerhill Yard Up Sorting Sidings and the entry to the Millerhill Yard Down Sorting Sidings via Millerhill South Junction and the Millerhill Yard Carlisle Arrival Sidings via reversal. (Indeed on arrival from the east the junction originally only allowed a train to head south to Millerhill Junction.)

After the down yard closed in 1983 the use of the Millerhill Yard Carlisle Arrival Sidings continued as a link needed to be put in at Millerhill East Junction to allow trains to run to Millerhill West Junction. With this installed the Millerhill Yard Carlisle Arrival Sidings fell out of regular use.

The north to east alignment of the triangle is still in regular use.