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Ballinluig (1863-1965)

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.
Opened on the Aberfeldy Branch (Inverness and Perth Junction Railway).


This was a three platform station with two platforms on either side of the loop and a second face of the northbound platform served the Aberfeldy branch, there being a loop alongside the curving platform. The main station building was on the southbound main line platform and there was a waiting room on the northbound and Aberfeldy platform between the two platform faces.

The goods yard was north of the passenger platforms on the main line and on the east side, approached from the south.

The branch platform, opened in 1865, was built in timber, with a passing loop and turntable to the south, Ballinluig Turntable, on the west side of the line and approached from the north. The turntable was gone by the 1920s.

To the west on the branch were two viaducts, first Ballinluig Viaduct and then, further west, Logierait Viaduct.

Two signal boxes opened in 1865 - a north box and south box. The boxes were replaced in 1885 and again in 1919. The north box (brick) was on the west side opposite the goods yard near the north of the loop (and a level crossing) and the south box was on the east side opposite the junction, south end of the loop and turntable.

The station was chiefly a junction station, there only being a low population nearby.

Platforms were equipped with water columns.

In 1965 the station closed to passengers, coinciding with the closure of the Aberfeldy Branch (Inverness and Perth Junction Railway). The loop on the main line was retained.

The south box closed in 1967 when the north box took it over (and was renamed simply 'Ballinluig' - managed cosmetically with the expediency of cutting the word 'North' off the name board).

The loop survived until 1985. Signalmen commented that it was a long loop, useful for breaking the single track section from Dunkeld to Pitlochry, particularly useful if anything went wrong. (Ballinluig was 8 miles from Dunkeld and just under 5 miles from Pitlochry).

The branch platform has been obliterated by subsequent road construction to improve the safety of the junction between the A9 and the A827.


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Chronology Dates

22/07/1861Inverness and Perth Junction Railway
Aberfeldy Branch (Inverness and Perth Junction Railway)
Act obtained for a line between Dunkeld and Forres, and Ballinluig to Aberfeldy. Engineer: Joseph Mitchell. Running power from Stanley Junction to Perth General over the Scottish Midland Junction Railway.
01/06/1863Inverness and Perth Junction Railway
Dunkeld to Pitlochry opened. Stations opened at Dalguise, Guay, Ballinluig, Pitlochry.
03/07/1865Aberfeldy Branch (Inverness and Perth Junction Railway)
Aberfeldy branch opened. Stations opened at Grandtully and Aberfeldy, and a new platform opened at the existing Ballinluig station at the junction with the main line.
01/03/1965Aberfeldy Branch (Inverness and Perth Junction Railway)
Aberfeldy to Ballinluig closed to freight.
03/05/1965Aberfeldy Branch (Inverness and Perth Junction Railway)
Inverness and Perth Junction Railway
Aberfeldy branch closed, along with the closure of stations on the Highland Main Line with the withdrawal of local trains. On the branch Aberfeldy, Grandtully, Balnaguard Halt closed along with the junction station Ballinluig. South of the junction, on the main line, Dalguise and Murthly closed. To the north Killiecrankie, Struan, Dalnaspidal, Tomatin, Moy, Daviot, and Culloden Moor closed.
  /  /1985Inverness and Perth Junction Railway
Ballinluig and Newtonmore loops closed.

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