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Dalguise (1863-1965)

Station code: National Rail ScotRail
Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.


This was a two platform station with a passing loop and the main building on the northbound platform. There was a goods yard to the south, on a loop which was approached by reversal from the northbound platform or from the southbound line at the south end of the loop, crossing over the line to reach the goods yard.

When first opened the northbound platform only existed, the loop was added later.

The loop opened in 1887 and there were north and south boxes. The north box was on the west side of the line, north of the platforms, and the south box was south of the goods yard and also on the west side. The north box was replaced in 1914.

Both boxes were replaced with a single box in 1919.

The loop and box closed in 1964, the northbound platform only remaining open. the station closed in 1965.

The village itself is just off to the west. Dalguise House is to the north west.

The station house, partly in timber, remains standing, in use as a house.

To the north is the River Tay Viaduct.



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