Coltbridge Junction

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Coltbridge Junction (1864-1964)

Opened on the Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Wester Dalry Branch and Dalry Road Lines (Caledonian Railway).


This junction opened in 1864 when the a curve from the new Wester Dalry Branch and Dalry Road Lines (Caledonian Railway) connected the 1848 Caledonian Railway to the 1859 Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway).

The curve met another portion of the Dalry Road lines opened in 1876 from Haymarket West Junction to Dalry Middle Junction with the combined line running on to Dalry Junction on the Caledonian main line.

The Granton line was goods as was the connecting line and both were double track. The junction allowed a train from Edinburgh to run north to Granton. Opening of this curve coincided with the opening of the initially goods only Leith North Branch (Caledonian Railway).

From 1879 it was also to carry passenger trains from Princes Street to the Leith North Passenger Branch (Caledonian Railway). A signal box opened with the passenger traffic.

The junction was immediately south of the alignment of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway. The box, however, was north of this and on the east side of the line. This location allowed the box to also a loop on the west side of the line and siding approached from the south on the east. The loop ran north to just south of the Roseburn Terrace bridge south of Murrayfield station. It had a short platform for the Roseburn Maltings. The loop became a siding approached from the south and attached to the southbound line in 1944 when the Murrayfield box closed.

The Dalry Road lines from Dalry Junction through Dalry Middle Junction closed in 1964 and the box closed. The remaining railway was closed in 1967.




01/09/1864Dalry Road Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Dalry Junction [Edinburgh] to Coltbridge Junction (Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway)) opened.
01/09/1864Wester Dalry Branch and Dalry Road Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Line opened to goods between Dalry Junction [Edinburgh] (Caledonian Railway) and Coltbridge Junction (Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway)).
  /  /1964Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Dalry Middle Junction (excluded) to Coltbridge Junction (excluded) closed.
09/03/1964Dalry Road Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Coltbridge Junction to Dalry Middle Junction to Dalry Junction closed to freight.
04/09/1967Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway) Leith North Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Granton Junction (excluded) to Coltbridge Junction to Crew Junction to Newhaven Junction (excluded) closed.