Newburgh and North Fife Railway


This line is closed. It was built to give the North British Railway a route to compete with the Caledonian Railway's Dundee and Perth Railway. The route was longer and not as well engineered so could not compete for speed, but did serve different locations on the south bank of the Tay. The line was single track but land was taken for a double track with road bridges built to take two tracks.


  /  /1897[Newburgh and North Fife Railway]
Newburgh and North Fife Railway authorised
25/01/1909Newburgh and North Fife Railway
Line opened from Newburgh (Glenburnie Junction) to St Fort.
01/01/1923North British Railway Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway Great North of Scotland Railway Forth and Clyde Junction Railway Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway Gifford and Garvald Railway Newburgh and North Fife Railway Lauder Light Railway Great Central Railway
Grouped into London and North Eastern Railway.
10/02/1951[Newburgh and North Fife Railway]
Closed to passenger trains
12/02/1951Newburgh and North Fife Railway
Newburgh (Glenburnie Junction) to St Fort closed to passengers.
04/04/1960Newburgh and North Fife Railway
Glenburnie Junction to Lindores [2nd] (excluded) closed to freight.
13/05/1960[Newburgh and North Fife Railway]
Glenburnie Junction to Lindores [2nd] (excluded) closed.
08/08/1964Newburgh and North Fife Railway
St Fort to Lindores [2nd] closed.
05/10/1964Newburgh and North Fife Railway
Lindores [2nd] to St Fort closed to freight.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was a short lived terminus before the line from Ladybank was extended west to Abernethy Road.

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A diverted southbound HST heading towards the former Glenburnie Junction. ...
Bill Roberton //1988

The Edinburgh and Northern Railway, a double track line, was met by the single track Newburgh and North Fife Railway. The St Fort line doubled before joining and had a looped refuge siding.

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Photographed from the former loading bank on 13.9.86, 37260 is seen heading a Perth - Edinburgh ecs working. ...
Graeme Blair 13/09/1986
Standing roughly at the same spot as Bill Roberton [see image 57550] but looking in the opposite direction, 37175 passes Glenburnie on 2.9.94 with an ...
Graeme Blair 02/09/1994
The 6inch OS map of 1854 shows a siding and building at Glenburnie on the Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee railway between Newburgh and Lindores. Neither ...
Bill Roberton //1988
170 418 forms the 1159 Perth-Edinburgh service, just south of Lindores Loch on the Hilton Junction-Ladybank line ...
Bill Roberton 20/02/2009

This was a single platform station. There was a loop (probably a goods loop) immediately east. Glenburnie Junction was not far to the west where the line doubled before joining the Edinburgh and Northern Railway. ...

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Built to last. The remains of an overbridge crossing the Dunbog Farm next the A913, east of Lindores in North Fife, photographed in July 2010. The ...
Brian Forbes /07/2010
Diverted over the Perth - Ladybank route, DRS 66423 climbs past Lindores Loch with Inverness - Mossend containers on 6th November 2016.
Graeme Blair 06/11/2016

This was a two platform station with a passing loop on a single track line. There was a goods yard on the west side which was approached from the south. The signal box closed in 1928 but a ground frame remained for the goods yard. The station closed to passengers in 1951. The line closed in 1964.

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Bridge remains near Luthrie, where the Newburgh and North Fife line crossed the A92. ...
Brian Forbes 17/10/2006

This was a goods loop with a loading bank. ...

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This is small double track arched bridge over a minor road, crossing on an oblique. It is listed 'C'. It is typical of the line's bridges which were built in mass concrete.. The line was single track, the structures double track to allow future doubling which was never proceeded with. Many of the route's bridges were demolished, or were girder bridges, but this one remains standing. The arch is ...

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This was a two platform station with a passing loop. The main station building was on the eastbound platform. There was a water tank at the west end of the westbound platform. A goods yard was to the north, served from the east end. Catch points were at the east end of the westbound loop.

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View west at Kilmany in 1996. The station building stood behind the camera. ...
Ewan Crawford //1996
Old bridge abutments at Rathillet, just to the west of Kilmany on the former Newburgh and North Fife line, photographed in September 2009. ...
Brian Forbes 16/09/2009

At St Fort West Junction the Newburgh and St Fort Railway forked into two single tracks to join the Edinburgh and Northern Railway with a triangular junction. To the west of St Fort West Junction was a passing loop. The signal box was on the west side in the northern part of the passing loop.

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Here the Newburgh and St Fort Railway met the Edinburgh and Northern Railway with a junction facing Leuchars. The line doubled before joining the main line. The signal box was in the 'V' of the junction, aligned with the main line. The junction, box and curve to St Fort West Junction closed in 1924. ...

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This was a two platform station on the double track approach to the Tay Bridge from Leuchars. The goods yard was on the west side, approached from the north. The signal box was on the east side opposite.

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Northbound service photographed between Leuchars and St Fort in May 2008. ...
Brian Forbes /05/2008
Passing Linkswood fuel bunkers then under the A92 on right, towards the Tay Bridge.
Edinburgh - Aberdeen 170. ...
Brian Forbes 25/05/2007
The Royal Scotsman travelling north at Linkswood Fuel Bunker. July 2008 ...
Brian Forbes /07/2008
Turbostar southbound passing the noted sand & gravel quarry near St Fort. ...
Brian Forbes 24/05/2007