St Fort West Junction

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St Fort West Junction (1909-1924)

Opened on the Newburgh and North Fife Railway.


At St Fort West Junction the Newburgh and North Fife Railway forked into two single tracks to join the Edinburgh and Northern Railway with a triangular junction. To the west of St Fort West Junction was a passing loop. The signal box was on the west side in the northern part of the passing loop.

The box, loop and curve to St Fort South Junction closed in 1924.



Chronology Dates

28/03/1912Newburgh and North Fife Railway
An Order of the Railway and Canal Commission compels the North British Railway to - fairly develop traffic on the Newburgh line and work all shortest route traffic via the line - increase the train service and through facilities - keep open the St Fort West Junction to St Fort South Junction curve - advertise the line including through route, season, tourist and excursion tickets - work goods traffic via the line, when it constitutes the shortest route


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