Lauder Light Railway


This railway is closed.


  /  /1899[Lauder Light Railway]
Lauder Light Railway authorised
  /  /1901[Lauder Light Railway]
Opened, new signalbox opened at Fountainhall for the new junction on the [Edinburgh and Hawick Railway])
01/01/1923[North British Railway]
[Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway]
[Great North of Scotland Railway]
[Forth and Clyde Junction Railway]
[Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway]
[Gifford and Garvald Railway]
[Newburgh and North Fife Railway]
[Lauder Light Railway]
Great Central Railway
Grouped into [London and North Eastern Railway].
12/09/1932[Lauder Light Railway]
Lauder to Fountainhall Junction closed to passengers
  /  /1939[Lauder Light Railway]
Food depot established by Lauder station
  /08/1948[Lauder Light Railway]
Temporarily closed due to flood damage
  /11/1950[Lauder Light Railway]
Re-opened to serve food-depot by Lauder station
01/10/1958[Lauder Light Railway]
Lauder to Fountainhall Junction closed to freight, long siding at Fountainhall retained from station to nearby level crossing
  /11/1958[Lauder Light Railway]
Excursion train runs over line

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was a two platform station with a bay platform for the Lauder Light Railway.

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A Tweedbank bound train approaching Fountainhall from the north on 14 February 2017. ...
John Furnevel 14/02/2017
A mid-morning train on the Borders Railway runs north past the site of Fountainhall station on 11 September 2018 heading for its next scheduled stop ...
John Furnevel 11/09/2018
The former station house at Fountainhall, sadly falling into a state of disrepair. View west across the Borders Railway on 16 June 2017, with the ...
John Furnevel 16/06/2017
45407 heads up the 1 in 158 gradient a little to the north of Fountainhall with the first Tweedbank - Dalgety Bay trip of the day. 9 October. ...
Bill Roberton 09/10/2016

Just before the light failed this was the view looking west to the summit (944 feet) of the Lauder Light Railway. The short level section of the ...
Ewan Crawford 26/12/2009

This was a small station just to the east of the village of Oxton. The station was minimal, the railway being built with a light railway order.

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Station House at Oxton on the Lauder Light Railway on 10th May 2017. This view looks towards Fountainhall from the level crossing along the vehicle ...
Alan Cormack 10/05/2017
Oxton, looking south towards Lauder. The dirt driveway occupies the trackbed, which forms the driveway to a house on the trackbed. ...
Alan Cormack 10/05/2017
Looking north at Oxton station. ...
Ewan Crawford //
Looking northwest over the former level crossing at the old station house at Oxton in April 2007. The now demolished station and goods yard stood ...
John Furnevel 11/04/2007

View along the minor road running north west off the A68 to the north of Lauder on Boxing Day 2009. The station and goods yard stood off to the right. ...
John Furnevel 26/12/2009

This was the terminus of the Lauder Light Railway, a branch from Fountainhall on the Waverley Route. The station was in the north of Lauder, on the edge of the village.

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Scene at Lauder on Saturday 15 November 1958, featuring St Margarets BR Standard Class 2 2-6-0 no 78049, a mere 3 years old at that time. The ...
D Welsh Collection [Courtesy Bruce McCartney] 15/11/1958
Boxing Day sees the annual presentation of the much coveted Railscot Waving Eejit award, which has been retained this year by EC with this ...
John Furnevel 26/12/2009
Remains at Lauder in 1975. ...
Bill Roberton //1975