Great Central Railway


  /  /1866South Eastern Railway
Sir Edward Watkin (of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway, later the Great Central Railway) becomes chairman.
  /  /1897Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway
Company re-named the Great Central Railway.
15/03/1899London Extension (Great Central Railway)
Line opened from Annesley North Junction to Quainton Road, and from Canfield Place to London Marylebone.
01/01/1923North British Railway Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway Great North of Scotland Railway Forth and Clyde Junction Railway Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway Gifford and Garvald Railway Newburgh and North Fife Railway Lauder Light Railway Great Central Railway
Grouped into London and North Eastern Railway.
01/02/1958London Extension (Great Central Railway)
Route transferred to British Railways London Midland Region.
02/01/1960London Extension (Great Central Railway)
Express trains withdrawn from route and replaced with 3 semi fast services.
10/03/1960London Extension (Great Central Railway)
Sunday trains withdrawn.
03/03/1963London Extension (Great Central Railway)
Local services withdrawn and local stations closed.
  /06/1964London Extension (Great Central Railway)
Woodford depot closed.
  /  /1965London Extension (Great Central Railway)
Express freights from Annesley to Woodford Halse withdrawn.
05/09/1966London Extension (Great Central Railway)
Line closed from Rugby Central to Quainton Road. Rugby Central to Nottingham Victoria remains open for local service.
  /09/1967London Extension (Great Central Railway)
Nottingham Victoria closed and Rugby Central service cut back to Arkwright Street.
05/05/1969London Extension (Great Central Railway)
Nottingham to Rugby closed.