London and North Eastern Railway


16/06/1912[London and North Eastern Railway]
Imperial Airways
Race between Imperial Airways biplane The City of Glasgow and the Flying Scotsman won by the airplane.
19/08/1921Railways Act
Act passed to create [London Midland and Scottish Railway], [London and North Eastern Railway], [Great Western Railway] and [Southern Railway] by grouping smaller companies into bigger units. This was due to financial problems the railway companies were having in the aftermath of the First World War.
01/01/1923North British Railway Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway Great North of Scotland Railway Forth and Clyde Junction Railway Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway Gifford and Garvald Railway Newburgh and North Fife Railway Lauder Light Railway Great Central Railway
Grouped into London and North Eastern Railway.
01/01/1923[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Dumbarton and Balloch Joint Line
Jointly owned by the [London, Midland and Scottish Railway] and the [London and North Eastern Railway].
01/01/1923The Great North of England, Clarence and Hartlepool Junction Railway
Merged into the [London and North Eastern Railway]. Previously leased by the [North Eastern Railway].
  /  /1924Londonderry Railway
[London and North Eastern Railway] approaches Lord Seaham to close Hall Dene station. This is agreed if Seaham Colliery station be renamed Seaham and Marlborough Street station be renamed Seaham Harbour.
  /  /1934Railway Air Services
[London Midland and Scottish Railway]
[London and North Eastern Railway]
[Great Western Railway]
[Southern Railway]
Imperial Airways
Railway Air Services formed by the LMS, LNER, GWR, SR and Imperial Airways. Airport opened at Renfrew
01/01/1948[British Railways]
[Forth Bridge Railway]
[London Midland and Scottish Railway]
[London and North Eastern Railway]
Britains railways are nationalised.