Glenburnie Junction

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Glenburnie Junction (1909-1960)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Northern Railway.

Opened on the Newburgh and North Fife Railway.


The Edinburgh and Northern Railway, a double track line, was met by the single track Newburgh and North Fife Railway. The St Fort line doubled before joining and had a looped refuge siding.

The signal box was located in the 'V' of the junction. A temporary box opened here for the construction of the new line in 1908 and the permanent box in 1909 for its opening.

The main line from Ladybank, to the south, was singled in 1934 but remained double to the north to Newburgh [2nd].

The box closed in 1960.

The junction is closed and lifted and the remaining line singled here.





04/04/1960Newburgh and North Fife Railway
Glenburnie Junction to Lindores [2nd] (excluded) closed to freight.
13/05/1960[Newburgh and North Fife Railway]
Glenburnie Junction to Lindores [2nd] (excluded) closed.