St Fort

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St Fort (1878-1965)

Opened on the Newburgh and North Fife Railway.

Opened on the Tay Bridge and Associated Lines (North British Railway).


This was a two platform station on the double track approach to the Tay Bridge from Leuchars. The goods yard was on the west side, approached from the north. The signal box was on the east side opposite.

The Newburgh and St Fort Railway opened to a triangular junction to the south of the station. The station's box was replaced by St Fort North box in 1909, to the south of the station on the west side. St Fort North Junction was just to the south. The line to Glenburnie doubled before meeting main line.

In 1924 the St Fort South Junction to St Fort West Junction curve closed and the junction at the station became simply St Fort Junction.

The branch closed to Luthrie in 1965. The station closed in 1965. The signal box was closed in 1966. The railway remains open.

Newton Ballast Hill was to the north. The Linkswood Oil Depot, for oil to the Leuchars air base, is to the south of the former station on the east side of the main line.




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