Midland Railway


  /  /1836[York and North Midland Railway]
Company incorporated.
  /  /1839[York and North Midland Railway]
Line opened.
05/10/1840[Manchester and Leeds Railway]
Normanton to Hebden Bridge opened, worked by the [North Midland Railway].
10/05/1844[Midland Counties Railway]
[Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway]
[North Midland Railway]
[Midland Railway]
George Hudson encourages the Midland Counties Railway, Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway and North Midland Railway to merge to become the Midland Railway.
  /  /1845[York and Scarborough Line] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Opened from York to Scarborough
21/07/1845[York and North Midland Railway]
Act for a branch from Church Fenton to Harrogate via Wetherby.
  /  /1847[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Opened from Church Fenton to Spofforth
  /  /1848[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Line extended from Spofforth to Harrogate (Brunswick)
07/08/1850[Great Northern Railway]
Opened throughout. Route: London to Boston to Lincoln (not via Peterborough to Retford) to Knottingley on North Midland Railway and not York itself.
  /06/1852[North Western Railway]
Line worked by [Midland Railway].
  /  /1854[York and North Midland Railway]
Malton and Driffield Railway
[York Newcastle and Berwick Railway]
[Leeds and Thirsk Railway]
West Hartlepool Harbour and Railways
[North Eastern Railway]
Companies merge to form the North Eastern Railway.
  /  /1859[North Western Railway]
Line leased by [Midland Railway].
  /  /1860West Midland Railway
[Newport Abergavenny and Hereford Railway]
[Oxford Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway]
Worcester and Hereford Railway
[Newport Abergavenny and Hereford Railway], [Oxford Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway] and Worcester and Hereford Railway merged to form the West Midland Railway.
  /  /1861[Coleford Monmouth Usk and Pontypool Railway], West Midland Railway
Coleford, Monmouth, Usk and Pontypool Railway leased by the West Midland Railway.
  /  /1862[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Harrogate (Brunswick) closed
01/03/1862~West Midland Railway
Addlestrop and Stow Road renamed Addlestrop.
01/07/1862[Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway]
Leased by the [London and North Western Railway], [West Midland Railway] and [Great Western Railway].
  /  /1863[Newport Abergavenny and Hereford Railway]
[West Midland Railway] builds platforms north of the south facing junction with the [Merthyr Tredegar and Abergavenny Railway].
13/07/1863West Midland Railway, [Great Western Railway]
West Midland Railway merged with Great Western Railway.
  /  /1868[Settle and Carlisle Line] ([Midland Railway])
An agreement with the [London and North Western Railway] is reached over use of the [Ingleton Branch] ([Lancaster and Carlisle Railway]) and [Lancaster and Carlisle Railway] by the [Midland Railway]. The route would involve the [North Western Railway]. The [Midland Railway] tries to abandon the [Settle and Carlisle Line]. The [North British Railway] and the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway block the abandonment.
  /  /1875[Somerset and Dorset Railway]
[London and South Western Railway] and [Midland Railway] take control of the line.
  /  /1878[Hawes Branch MR] ([Midland Railway])
Opened from Hawes Junction (now Garsdale) to Hawes
  /  /1885[Portpatrick Railway]
Caledonian Railway lease expires - the Portpatrick Railway and [Wigtownshire Railway] become jointly run as the Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway - controlled by the [Caledonian Railway], [London and North Western Railway], [Glasgow and South Western Railway] and [Midland Railway]. The stock was owned by all four companies and operated by the two Scottish companies. The Joint company also owned 4/5 of the Larne and Stranraer Steamship Joint Committee, the remaining 1/5 owned by the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway.
01/07/1888~West Midland Railway
Addlestop renamed Adlestrop.
  /  /1952Avenue Coking Works (Chesterfield)
New coking works built to the south of Chesterfield beside the [North Midland Railway]. This site formerly had a colliery and iron works, mostly closed but 1938.
04/06/1953~West Midland Railway
Addlestrop and Stow Road opened.
  /  /1961[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Wetherby West Junction to Wetherby East Junction closed
  /  /1964[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Crimple Junction (Harrogate) to Wetherby closed
  /  /1966[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Wetherby to Church Fenton closed
03/01/1966~West Midland Railway
Adlestrop closed.