Midland Railway


  /  /1836[York and North Midland Railway]
Company incorporated.
  /  /1839[York and North Midland Railway]
Line opened.
05/10/1840[Manchester and Leeds Railway]
Normanton to Hebden Bridge opened, worked by the [North Midland Railway].
10/05/1844[Midland Counties Railway]
[Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway]
[North Midland Railway]
[Midland Railway]
George Hudson encourages the Midland Counties Railway, Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway and North Midland Railway to merge to become the Midland Railway.
  /  /1845[York and Scarborough Line] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Opened from York to Scarborough
21/07/1845[York and North Midland Railway]
Act for a branch from Church Fenton to Harrogate via Wetherby.
  /  /1847[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Opened from Church Fenton to Spofforth
  /  /1848[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Line extended from Spofforth to Harrogate (Brunswick)
07/08/1850[Great Northern Railway]
Opened throughout. Route: London to Boston to Lincoln (not via Peterborough to Retford) to Knottingley on North Midland Railway and not York itself.
  /06/1852[North Western Railway]
Line worked by [Midland Railway].
  /  /1854[York and North Midland Railway]
Malton and Driffield Railway
[York Newcastle and Berwick Railway]
[Leeds and Thirsk Railway]
West Hartlepool Harbour and Railways
[North Eastern Railway]
Companies merge to form the North Eastern Railway.
  /  /1859[North Western Railway]
Line leased by [Midland Railway].
  /  /1860West Midland Railway
[Newport Abergavenny and Hereford Railway]
[Oxford Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway]
Worcester and Hereford Railway
[Newport Abergavenny and Hereford Railway], [Oxford Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway] and Worcester and Hereford Railway merged to form the West Midland Railway.
  /  /1861[Coleford Monmouth Usk and Pontypool Railway], West Midland Railway
Coleford, Monmouth, Usk and Pontypool Railway leased by the West Midland Railway.
  /  /1862[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Harrogate (Brunswick) closed
01/03/1862~West Midland Railway
Addlestrop and Stow Road renamed Addlestrop.
01/07/1862[Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway]
Leased by the [London and North Western Railway], [West Midland Railway] and [Great Western Railway].
  /  /1863[Newport Abergavenny and Hereford Railway]
[West Midland Railway] builds platforms north of the south facing junction with the [Merthyr Tredegar and Abergavenny Railway].
13/07/1863West Midland Railway, [Great Western Railway]
West Midland Railway merged with Great Western Railway.
  /  /1868[Settle and Carlisle Line] ([Midland Railway])
An agreement with the [London and North Western Railway] is reached over use of the [Ingleton Branch] ([Lancaster and Carlisle Railway]) and [Lancaster and Carlisle Railway] by the [Midland Railway]. The route would involve the [North Western Railway]. The [Midland Railway] tries to abandon the [Settle and Carlisle Line]. The [North British Railway] and the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway block the abandonment.
  /  /1875[Somerset and Dorset Railway]
[London and South Western Railway] and [Midland Railway] take control of the line.
  /  /1878[Hawes Branch MR] ([Midland Railway])
Opened from Hawes Junction (now Garsdale) to Hawes
  /  /1885Portpatrick Railway
The Caledonian Railway'a lease expires - the Portpatrick Railway and Wigtownshire Railway become jointly run as the Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway - controlled by the Caledonian Railway, London and North Western Railway, Glasgow and South Western Railway and Midland Railway. The stock was owned by all four companies and operated by the two Scottish companies. The Joint company also owned 4/5 of the Larne and Stranraer Steamship Joint Committee, the remaining 1/5 owned by the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway.
01/07/1888~West Midland Railway
Addlestop renamed Adlestrop.
  /  /1952Avenue Coking Works (Chesterfield)
New coking works built to the south of Chesterfield beside the [North Midland Railway]. This site formerly had a colliery and iron works, mostly closed but 1938.
04/06/1953~West Midland Railway
Addlestrop and Stow Road opened.
  /  /1961[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Wetherby West Junction to Wetherby East Junction closed
  /  /1964[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Crimple Junction (Harrogate) to Wetherby closed
  /  /1966[Harrogate Branch] ([York and North Midland Railway])
Wetherby to Church Fenton closed
03/01/1966~West Midland Railway
Adlestrop closed.