Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway


  /  /1850[Great Northern Railway]
Doncaster to York via Askern (immediately north-west of Doncaster on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway) opened. GNR uses L&Y line from 4 miles north of Doncaster to Knottingley.
  /  /1866[Settle and Carlisle Line] ([Midland Railway])
Bill for the line presented with support from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, [Glasgow and South Western Railway] and the [North British Railway] (who did not have a partner for taking traffic from the [Border Union Railway] (Waverley Route) at Carlisle).
  /  /1868[Settle and Carlisle Line] ([Midland Railway])
An agreement with the [London and North Western Railway] is reached over use of the [Ingleton Branch] ([Lancaster and Carlisle Railway]) and [Lancaster and Carlisle Railway] by the [Midland Railway]. The route would involve the [North Western Railway]. The [Midland Railway] tries to abandon the [Settle and Carlisle Line]. The [North British Railway] and the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway block the abandonment.