Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway


  /  /1850Great Northern Railway
Doncaster to York via Askern (immediately north-west of Doncaster on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway) opened. GNR uses L&Y line from 4 miles north of Doncaster to Knottingley.
  /  /1866Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)
Bill for the line presented with support from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, Glasgow and South Western Railway and the North British Railway (who did not have a partner other than the North Eastern Railway route to Newcastle Central for taking traffic from the Border Union Railway (North British Railway) (Waverley Route) at Carlisle).
  /  /1868Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)
An agreement with the London and North Western Railway is reached over use of the Ingleton Branch (London and North Western Railway) and Lancaster and Carlisle Railway by the Midland Railway. The route would involve the North Western Railway. The Midland Railway tries to abandon the Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway). The North British Railway and the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway block the abandonment.