Shields Road [GPJ]

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Pollokshields (1863-1925)
Shields Road [GPJ] (1925-1966)

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Opened on the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway.


This was originally a two platform station opened in 1863 on the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway of 1840. A further four platforms opened to the south as additional lines opened. It opened in 1863 as 'Pollokshields' with Shields Road [CGU] opening in 1870 and Shields in 1885. There were waiting rooms on each platform and a ticket office on the Shields Road bridge at the east end of the station. The General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway and the CGU approach to General Terminus crossed underneath about half way along the platforms - the waiting rooms on the eastbound platform were cantilevered out over the GT&GHR line.

There was no goods yard, Kinning Park Goods was just to the west and Eglinton Street Goods to the east.

To the immediate south opened the two platform Shields Road [CGU] station of the City of Glasgow Union Railway creating a four platform station (the westbound platform of the GPJ was the north side of the eastbound platform of the CGU station with waiting rooms back to back). Further south again, across the gulf of the General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway cutting, were the two platforms of Shields station. Immediately to the west is Pollok Junction and immediately east was Pollokshields Junction.

After The Grouping in 1923 (the merger of the Caledonian Railway, Glasgow and South Western Railway and other companies into the London, Midland and Scottish Railway) the various Shields Road stations were rearranged into a huge rambling station. The former Pollokshields station was renamed Shields Road in 1925 to match the neighbouring former CGU station. There was some rationalisation of waiting rooms and stairways to street level over the years.

The original platforms closed along with those at Shields Road [CGU] when the station closed to passengers in 1966.

Portions of platform mounds remain today. The timber portions of the platforms over the General Terminus line are still there.



Chronology Dates

  /  /1864Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway
New approach authorised to Eglinton Street Goods from the east end of Pollokshields station (Shields Road [GPJ]) authorised, providing a longer goods only approach and sidings.
12/12/1870City of Glasgow Union Railway
Opened between Pollok Junction (on the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway) and the new temporary four platform terminus at Dunlop Street (replaced by Glasgow St Enoch). Glasgow and South Western Railway main line services start to use the new station, local services continue to use Bridge Street. Stations opened at Shields Road [CGU] (interchange with Pollokshields) and Dunlop Street.
01/04/1925Glasgow and Paisley Joint RailwayCity of Glasgow Union Railway
New Shields Road station opened incorporating the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway Pollokshields station, City of Glasgow Union Railway Shields Road [CGU] station and Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway) Shields stations.


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