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Park (1853-1966)

Opened on the Deeside Railway.


Confusingly the former Park station is located in Drumoak. When opened it was in countryside to the north of Park Toll Bridge and just south of Nether Sunnyside. Park itself is about half a mile west and Park House even further west. Drumoak has developed in more recent years and has subsumed Nether Sunnyside.

Initially the station consisted of a single platform to the north of the single track line and east of a level crossing. To the west of the level crossing there was a siding approached from the east.

A loop was installed in 1894 from the west side of the level crossing to the east end of the station which was greatly extended to the east. A new goods siding was laid in to the north of the station, accessed from the east. The main building remained on the original platform. East and west boxes opened in 1894, the east box being a ground frame and west box the main box.

The line to the east was doubled in 1899. This was the limit of doubling from Ferryhill Junction. The east box was replaced and became the main box, the west box became a gate box.

In 1929 the east box was replaced with a ground frame and the west box became the main box again.

The line to Ferryhill Junction was singled in 1951, the westbound line being lifted.

The station, remaining (formerly west) box and line closed in 1966.

The station is largely gone but the main station building remains. The site is now Dee Valley Caravans .



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Doubled from Culter [2nd] to Park.