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Ballater (1866-1966)

Opened on the Aboyne and Braemar Railway.


This was the terminus of the Deeside line from Aberdeen. The terminus was at the Station Square in the middle of Ballater. The building was burned down in 2015 but had been, despite the closure of the station, been rebuilt. The terminus has a long association with the Royal Family and Queen Victoria, this station being the closest to Balmoral Castle.

This was a two platform station, the main platform (intended to be a through platform) and a bay platform at the east end. Space was left for an eastbound platform, which was never built. To the north of this was a large goods yard, approached from the east.

There was a large carriage shed at the east end, south of the line, also approached from the east. To the south was a two road locomotive shed and a turntable.

The line was continued west to Bridge of Gairn, but this was not brought into use and no further stations were built to the west. A station building, offices of the company, was built in Braemar. To the east the line continued to Cambus O' May.

The original station was considerably smaller with a small station building and smaller goods yard. In 1886 the station building was replaced with a much finer structure in timber.

There was a signal box, opened 1893, at the throat of the station. It was on the north side of the line.

The station closed to passengers in February 1966. The box was reduced to a ground frame. The line closed completely in July 1966.

The goods yard area, carriage shed and locomotive shed area were cleared and are now occupied by housing.

The station building and platform survived closure but was burned down in 2015. The building has been rebuilt - with great attention to detail and using plans for the building.


From 1904, the Great North of Scotland Railway operated a bus service to Braemar. A tourist route to Dinnet and Bellabeg, connecting with a bus from Alford, was introduced in 1907.


Visit Ballater
Balmoral Castle
Queen Victoria's Journals
Bike Station Ballater is located by the station.
The Carriage Ballater is a cafe located in the station.


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Forward thinking

On the 21st of April 1958 a battery powered BMU began operating between Aberdeen and Ballater, around 43 miles. There were charging points at either end.

Aberdeen to Ballater by BMU: Notes on the Battery Railcar Experiment, David Murray-Smith

Station Square

The Great North of Scotland Railway owned not just the station but the square. In the square are granite setts marking out the boundary.

Electrical lighting

For the visit of the Czar and Czarina of Russia in 1896, taking a train from Leith to Ballater, the oil lighting at the latter station was considered insufficient and electrical lighting was arranged for the occasion.


  /  /1866Aboyne and Braemar Railway
Ballater to Bridge of Gairn section construction abandoned.
17/10/1866Aboyne and Braemar Railway
Opened from Aboyne to Ballater with stations at Aboyne, Dinnet and Ballater.
  /  /1904Great North of Scotland Railway
Bus service introducted from Ballater, on the Aboyne and Braemar Railway, to a bus station in Braemar.
  /  /1958Deeside Railway Deeside Extension Railway Aboyne and Braemar Railway
Battery railcar introduced between Aberdeen and Ballater.
28/02/1966Aboyne and Braemar Railway
Ballater to Aberdeen (Ferryhill Junction) closed to passengers.
28/02/1966Deeside Railway Deeside Extension Railway Aboyne and Braemar Railway
Ballater, Cambus O' May, Dinnet, Aboyne, Dess, Lumphanan, Torphins, Glassel, Dee Street Halt, Banchory [2nd], Crathes, Park, Culter and Cults closed to passengers.
18/07/1966Deeside RailwayDeeside Extension RailwayAboyne and Braemar Railway
Ballater to Culter (excluded) closed to freight.


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