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Beattock (1847-1972)

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.

Opened on the Moffat Railway.


This was a three platform station on the Glasgow-Carlisle main line. There were two main line platforms and a bay at the north end, on the east side, for the Moffat Railway.

The main station building was on the southbound platform. It was not dissimilar to that which survives at Lockerbie, the nearby stationmaster's house was of a similar design. There was a waiting room on the northbound platform. Access to the northbound platform was by covered footbridge from the southbound as a goods bypass line ran down its west side, making it an island (although with only one face, on the main line). There was a large water tank at the north end of the northbound platform.

The goods loop split and rejoined the main at the north end of the northbound platform and passed round the west side of a locomotive shed to rejoin even further north. The locomotive shed (Beattock Shed) was double ended and two road.

The goods yard was on the east side of the line, north of the passenger platforms. It was approached by reversal from the station to reversing spurs at the north end of the site.

The Moffat branch (1883) started from the bay, joined the goods yard lines and passed round the west side of the reversing spurs before striking off north east to Moffat.

There were two signal boxes. Beattock South was at the south end of the station and on the west side, where the goods bypass took off from the main line. The north box was north of the station with the main line on its east side and loco shed and goods bypass line behind on its west side.

The Moffat branch closed to passengers in 1954 and completely in 1964 (or 66, sources vary).

The station buildings were demolished after closure in the 1970s but the stationmaster's house, of a similar design, remains albeit in poor condition.

The boxes closed in 1972, replaced with a temporary panel box which in turn was replaced by the Motherwell Signalling Centre in 1973.

The lines were remodelled for electrification. Sidings on the west side of the station, the former shed area, are used for goods traffic (occasionally timber). The goods bypass line, relaid, is now a down (northbound) goods loop. There is an equivalent up (southbound) goods loop on the east side, it extends further north than the original sidings.

It was described in the Ordnance Survey Name Book thus

A first class station on the Caledonian Railway with refreshment rooms attached.



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