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Moffat (1883-1954)

Opened on the Moffat Railway.


This fine small terminus was at the north end of a short single track branch from Beattock. The line was just under two miles long and opened in 1883. Moffat had been bypassed by the Caledonian Railway when it opened to Beattock in 1847, extended north in 1848. This short branch added Moffat to the railway network.

This was a single platform terminus with very heavily canopied platform. The platform was on the west side with a loop alongside.

There was a goods yard on the east side of the passenger station. The signal box was at the south end of the platform, opening with the station.

Approach to the station was from the south.

The signal box closed in 1922. The station closed to passengers in 1954 and the line closed in 1964.

With the closure of Beattock station in 1972 there is no nearby station today, although the main line remains open as a modern electrified railway.

A short portion of platform survives at Moffat, along with the toilets building, which has been relocated.


Station terminus


02/04/1883Moffat Railway
Moffat branch opened. (Alternative date 02/05/1883.)
  /  /1913Caledonian Railway
New wider bridge to be installed north of Beattock station crossing main line, Moffat Branch and siding.
06/12/1954Moffat Railway
Moffat to Beattock (excluded) closed to passengers.
06/04/1964Moffat Railway
Moffat branch closed.