Almond Valley Junction

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Almond Valley Junction (1858-1990)

Opened on the Scottish Midland Junction Railway.

Opened on the Perth, Almond Valley and Methven Railway.


This junction was in the north of Perth where the Perth, Almond Valley and Methven Railway met the older Scottish Midland Junction Railway. Trains from the branch could run south to Perth. The main line was double track, the branch single. The brick built signal box was on the east side of the line. The junction was a little complicated as there was a looped siding on the west side of the line here. The branch doubled on approach to the junction, the southbound line joining the main southbound track and the northbound line coming from the loop.

Closure of the branch to passengers was in 1951, but the line was retained for goods traffic to Crieff [1st] and sidings in between.

When Perth New Yard opened in 1962 the junction was altered such that the branch ran directly into the yard, rather than the main line. The box was subsumed by Perth Power Box.

Closure of the branch was in 1967 although a short length was retained to access Inveralmond Distillery. This closed around 1990.