Perth New Yard

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Perth New Yard (1962-2008)

Opened on the Scottish Midland Junction Railway.
Opened on the Perth New Yard (British Railways).


This marshalling yard was laid out to the north of Perth gradually replacing four existing yards nearby, opening in 1962.

Aviemore Yard also closed with its opening, the dividing of southbound trains from the Highland Main Line into Glasgow and Edinburgh portions being carried out in the new yard.

The Perth goods lines were improved at their northern end to slightly reduce the distance to the yard over double track shared with passenger trains.

Sidings in the east part of the yard, groups A and B, were for northbound trains. Groups C, D and E were for the south.

In addition to the sorting sidings there was a turntable, loading bank (in the west of the site), NDT shed and wagon shops.

The yard lost much of its purpose when the Strathmore Main Line via Forfar [2nd] closed as a through route in 1967 (when the Crieff [1st] branch also closed).

It was latterly used for storage of redundant stock and as a permanent way base.

The yard closed in 2008.

The site partially remains in railway ownership and may be used for a train maintenance depot. Also known as Tulloch and Muirton.


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Tulloch Works Tulloch Yard Muirton Yard


  /10/2008Scottish Midland Junction Railway
Perth New Yard lifted. Unfortunately the turntable was also cut up, despite being offered to the Scottish Railway Preservation Society.


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