Crieff [1st]

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Crieff [1st] (1856-1893)

Opened on the Crieff and Methven Junction Railway.

Opened on the Crieff Junction Railway.

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The original terminus in Crieff was just to the south of Crieff [2nd] and was to become a goods yard on the opening of that station. It opened in 1856, the terminus of the service from Crieff Junction (rebuilt as Gleneagles in 1919). From 1866 it further became the terminus of the new line from Methven Junction, completing a through route from Perth.

It closed with the opening of Crieff [2nd], just to the north and became part of the goods yard. The original passenger terminus was in the northern part of this yard.

Oddly, it was to survive the replacement station as the line remained open to goods after closure to passengers in 1964. Complete closure was in 1967.

Crieff cattle market (now Market Park) was to the south of the station.

The original station site is now the Blue Practice Medical Centre .


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