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Methven Junction (1866-1951)

Opened on the Perth, Almond Valley and Methven Railway.

Opened on the Crieff and Methven Junction Railway.


This was a three platform station with up and down platforms on the Crieff [2nd] to Perth line and a single platform for the branch This was an exchange platform station. The lines meeting here were single track.

The Methven branch was the original 1858 line from Perth, this junction station opening in 1866 when the line was extended west to Crieff [1st].

There was a footbridge between the two Crieff platforms. There was a small shelter on the westbound platform and a larger building between the eastbound platform and branch platform, at their western end.

Opposite the branch platform was a loading bank and pair of sidings, approached from the east.

The signal box was at the east end on the south side of the junction.

The Methven branch closed to passengers in 1937. The station closed in 1951. The signal box closed in 1962, and loop decommissioned, to be replaced with a ground frame. The Methven branch closed in 1965. The railway closed altogether in 1967.

The location is now in farmland.



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27/09/1937Perth Almond Valley and Methven Railway
Methven to Methven Junction closed to passengers.
25/01/1965Perth Almond Valley and Methven Railway
Methven Town to Methven Junction closed to freight.