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Thornton Junction (1848-1969)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Northern Railway.


This station was rebuilt several times due to subsidence.

The original station opened to serve the Leven Railway. It was immediately south of Thornton North Junction, between the Burntisland [2nd] to Ladybank line and the Dunfermline Branch. It was bypassed by the branch.

The second version of the station had an overall roof. In its final form it was an island platform with bays at either end. An additional platform existed to the east for the Buckhaven route. A curve was laid south of the station running to the west in 1888, allowing passenger trains from the Dunfermline Branch to use the station. Thornton Shed [1st] was to open on this curve, to the north of the running lines. This shed was to be relocated to a larger site further west.

The station to west curve was to close in 1973.

Little trace of the station remains today.


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