Leven [1st]

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Leven [1st] (1854-1857)

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Opened on the Leven Railway.
Opened on the East of Fife Railway.
Opened on the Leven Dock Railway.


This was the original terminus of the Leven Railway. It was just west of Leven [2nd] which replaced it when the line was extended east by the East of Fife Railway to Kilconquhar.

Also referred to as Leven Burn Mill for the mill immediately to the south.

The station was not located on the line to the Leven Dock but was a terminus to the north of that line. The Leven Dock line was accessed by reversal from the goods yard at Leven [1st] on a reversing spur to the west of the station and then by a second reversal running down to the dock. The Leven Dock Railway was an addition of 1854.

This alignment was later augmented by the quadruple railway running out of Kirkland Yard as the Methil Docks were developed.

The goods yard was to the south of the extended line. This was awkwardly accessed from the east to reach a reversing spur. There was an engine shed to the west, on the south side of the line. The station may have had a trainshed.

Leven [2nd] may not have opened with the extension east, but a little time afterwards as the original station site was cramped.

The line was originally single track, but was later doubled to both west and east. (The line was doubled in 1910.)

The site is now a small industrial estate.


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