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Methil (1887-1955)

Opened on the Leven Extension Railway (Wemyss and Buckhaven Railway).


This was a single platform terminus station. The station building still exists, in use as an office for a road haulage depot.

The passenger line was on the north side of the building and single platform, with no rounding loop - which is probably why use of a railcar was made (there was a loop directly to the west of the station platform). Trains ran west to Thornton Junction.

The goods yard was to the south of the passenger station. This had a large goods shed.

South of both of these, goods lines from Methil West Junction, west of the station, bypassed the station on the route north to Methil East Junction. There was a considerable yard, Methil Yard, to the south of these and dock lines to the south again.

The station closed to passengers in 1955 but remained open as a goods station. The line west from Methil West Junction closed in 1966, but at the junction a reversing spur was retained. The goods lines survived the station closure. Methil goods yard closed to general goods in 1980 but remained as a coal depot until 1985 after which the line was dismantled in 1988 to near Methil East Junction (excluded).


The former goods yard was home to Jeffray Wotherspoon's Class 26 for some time. Jeffray Wotherspoon - 26040


Station terminus


05/05/1887Wemyss and Buckhaven Railway
Line opened from Buckhaven to Methil, new Methil Dock No 1 opened.
10/01/1955Wemyss and Buckhaven Railway
Methil to Thornton Junction closed to passengers.