Methil Dock No 1

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Methil Dock No 1 (1887-)

Opened on the Lochs, and lakes, water.
Opened on the Leven Extension Railway (Wemyss and Buckhaven Railway).
Opened on the Kirkland Yard and Leven Dock to Methil Line Widening (North British Railway).


This dock was built for the export of coal. It had three coal hoists, one approached by rail from the south (on the west side), two approached from the north (one on the west side one at the north end) and a rail served quayside on the east side.

The dock was very much associated with the Leven Extension Railway (Wemyss and Buckhaven Railway). Both opened in 1887. This railway was very much associated with the Wemyss family whose estate had coal mines.

The dock is largely built on reclaimed land. The Wemyss and Buckhaven extension line ran down the west side beyond the dock lines.

The dock replaced Leven Dock to the north of the River Leven and Methil Harbour to the south, which had been served by Bowman and Co's railway.

A small yard south of the dock, Methil Yard, was built by Methil passenger station. This yard was later to be expanded considerably.

Methil Dock No 2 opened to the south in 1900, such that vessels entered the no 2 dock from the sea before entering the no 1 dock.

The north west corner of dock number 1 was cut off and infilled for new railways required for Methil Dock No 3 which opened in 1912. This had its own entry from the sea and is to the east of nos 1 and 2 docks.

The docks are no longer used for export of coal and the railway is dismantled.

Woodpulp traffic was carried at No 1 dock for several years, but has ceased.



Chronology Dates

05/05/1887Wemyss and Buckhaven Railway
Line opened from Buckhaven to Methil, new Methil Dock No 1 opened.