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Old Deer and Mintlaw (1861-1867)
Mintlaw (1867-1965)

Opened on the Formartine and Buchan Railway.


This was a two platform station with a passing loop. The main station building was on the westbound platform. The goods yard was on the south side of the station and approached from the west. There were both east and west signal boxes.

When opened it was equidistant between Old Deer and Mintlaw, thus the name. Mintlaw has expanded west to the former station, the immediate surrounding area being called Mintlaw Station. When first opened it had one platform, the later westbound platform. There was a turntable on the north side, served from the east. At the east end are hints of a possible early siding on the south side, served from the station. The turntable and early siding probably date from the short period that the station was a terminus (1861-2). The goods yard was possibly twice as large during the period as a terminus.

The building still stands, increasing derelict. The platforms also remain.


Formartine and Buchan Way



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