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Cornhill (1859-1968)

Opened on the Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway.


This was a single platform station with a goods yard at the south end, reached by reversal. The platform was on the west side and goods siding on the east. To the north was a bridge over the road to Cornhill, not far to the south east.

An auction market opened next to the station on its east east.

The station building and goods shed survived closure. The station building has been restored and is now a house.



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Chronology Dates

  /  /1849Kelso Branch (York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway)
Opened from Tweedmouth to Sprouston. Velvet Hall, Norham, Cornhill, Carham and Sprouston opened.
30/07/1859Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway
Line opened (including Portsoy Harbour); stations at Knock, Cornhill, Tillynaught, Ladysbridge, Banff and Portsoy [1st]. Conditional halts were at Barry [GNSR], Ordens and Millegan.
  /  /1873Kelso Branch (York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway)
Cornhill renamed Coldstream.

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