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Tweedmouth (1847-1964)

Opened on the Newcastle and Berwick Railway.

Opened on the Kelso Branch (York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway).


This station on the East Coast Main Line was south of the Royal Border Bridge and at a junction with the line to Kelso. The location was a station, junction, locomotive shed, yard and start of a zig-zag line to dockside (Tweed Dock).

The station is in Tweedmouth, on the south bank of the River Tweed where it flows out into the North Sea.

This station had platforms on either side of loops from the double track main line. This original had an trainshed, later cut back. The building was similar to that at Morpeth although grander. To the west was the junction. The locomotive shed (Tweedmouth Shed) was to the south of the east end of the station and there was a yard to the north, reached from the east. The northernmost siding in the yard was the start of a zig-zag line which dropped down to the harbour serving a malt house and the Tweed Dock.

The station opened in 1847, the Kelso branch opened as far as Sprouston in 1849 and the main line was extended north to Berwick-Upon-Tweed in 1850. The branch was a double track line, just like the main line. The zig-zag opened in 1878.

Branch trains would often reverse at Tweedmouth, having started their journey at Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

Goods to Duns operated from Tweedmouth after creation of the London and North Eastern Railway.

Many of the branch stations closed in 1955 and the remainder in 1964, including Tweedmouth. It closed in 1965.

Tweedmouth Power Box was opened in the 'V' of the junction west of the station in 1961.

Most of the shed remains (in other uses), looped sidings on the north side of the station remain, the yard is a large area of unused ground, a viaduct remains on the dock zig-zag. Of the station itself virtual nothing remains. To the west a short part of the branch is now under the A698.


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