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Wark [Sunilaws] (1861-1871)
Sunilaws (1871-1955)

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Opened on the Kelso Branch (York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway).


This was a small two platform station. It was just north of Sunnylaws Farm. The village of Wark is just under a mile to the north. Platforms were staggered on either side of a level crossing with a signal box on the east side of the crossing, north of the line. The eastbound platform was to the west and westbound on the east side of the level crossing. The station building, stone built and of two storeys, was on the eastbound platform.

Facing the eastbound platform was a siding on the south side, accessed from the west, which served a loading bank. Facing the westbound platform was a siding served from the east and a crossover between the two running lines.

The station closed to passengers in 1955 and the line in 1965. The line was single at the end, only the eastbound track remained.

The loading bank and platforms remain along with the station building and row of railway cottages to the south of the westbound platform. Level crossing gate pillars still stand.

A siding a mile to the west served Shidlaw Tileworks.

Just beyond that, on the line of the Carham Burn, the railway's Scotland/England Border.

To the east was the Learmouth Siding and its box.



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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
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  /  /1871Kelso Branch (York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway)
Wark [Sunilaws] renamed Sunilaws.
04/07/1955Kelso Branch (York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway)
Local stations closed. Velvet Hall, Twizell, Sunilaws, Carham, Sprouston closed. Tweedmouth, Norham and Coldstream remain open.


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