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Knock (1859-1968)

Opened on the Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway.


This station was originally located to the south of the overbridge, with a siding approached from the south on the east side of the line. The single platform station was located on the east side of the line.

The station was relocated to the north side of the line, a loop added and two platforms. There were sidings, serving the Knockdhu Distillery on the east side of the station. These were on the east side of the line and and approached from the north.

The station's signal box was at the north end of the southbound platform. It opened in 1893 when the station was rebuilt.

The signal box closed in 1928, the northbound loop being lifted. The box was replaced with a ground frame for the sidings.

The station and line closed in 1968.

The southbound platform remains today and the distillery is still in operation.


Knockdhu Distillery



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Chronology Dates

30/07/1859Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway
Line opened (including Portsoy Harbour); stations at Knock, Cornhill, Tillynaught, Ladysbridge, Banff and Portsoy [1st]. Conditional halts were at Barry [GNSR], Ordens and Millegan.
  /  /1893Belfast and County Down Railway
Doubled from Knock to Comber.

News items

10/02/2021Decision to reject plan to knock down old station house and build shops upheld [Evening Times]
07/06/2017Flooding causes reduced service on Edinburgh Trams [Scotsman]