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Tillynaught (1859-1968)

Opened on the Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway.


This was a three platform station. There were two through platforms on the line via the Moray Coast and Buckie to Elgin East and a single platform on the branch to Banff. The branch platform had a loop on the line.

In its original form there was one platform on each line, forming an island. There was a loading bank on the west side, approached from the south.

The junction between the coast line and branch was to the south of the station. The main platform building was on the island platform shared by the coast southbound line and branch platform. This fine building was in timber, with wooden canopies, which were cut back in later days. To the north of this was a station staff cottage.

North and south signal boxes opened in 1890. The south box, the main box, was at the south end of the island platform. The north box was north of the station building, at the north end of the southbound platform of the Coast line.

The north box closed in 1933 when taken over by the south.

The branch to Banff closed to passengers in 1964.

In 1968 the station, box, Moray Coast line and Banff branch closed.

The platforms have been infilled and can be traced. The station cottage remains standing.


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30/07/1859Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway
Line opened (including Portsoy Harbour); stations at Knock, Cornhill, Tillynaught, Ladysbridge, Banff and Portsoy [1st]. Conditional halts were at Barry [GNSR], Ordens and Millegan.
06/07/1964Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway
Banff to Tillynaught closed to passengers.
06/05/1968Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway
Banff to Tillynaught closed to freight.