Cardonald Junction

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Cardonald Junction (1878-)

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway.
Opened on the Shieldhall Branch (Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway).
Opened on the Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway.


This single lead junction is just west of Cardonald station. Its most recent purpose was to reach Deanside Transit.

The original purpose of this branch was as the junction for the Shieldhall Branch (Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway).

The signal box for this line opened in 1878 and although 1891 is often quoted as the opening date for the line, this is when the Caledonian Railway and Glasgow and South Western Railway were authorised to buy the line. The signal box was on the north side of the junction.

The original branch was to serve the Shieldhall Lairage (to the east) and Shieldhall Co-operative Works (to the west and opened in 1887-89).

This junction and the line fell out of use and was mothballed before 1895. It was revived with the opening of the Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway (1903), Shieldhall Goods and the King George V Dock (1931).

In the Second World War Deanside Transit and Braehead Transit opened. Deanside Transit was opened on a loop on the west side of existing lines which commenced at Cardonald junction and had its northern end at the site of Deanside station.

A little to the west and on the south side of the main line was the Cardonald Brick Works, now long closed.

The southern approach to Deanside Transit was taken out in the early 1980s (or late 70s). Following this the sidings were approached from the north.

The line is presently out of use. Not far beyond the junction is a loop on the branch and the former Cardonald North Junction.



Chronology Dates

29/01/1897Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway
Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway authorised. The line is to run from by Cardonald Junction to Renfrew Porterfield. Branches to Lobnitz Shipyard (London Works), Simon's Shipyard (Engineering and Shipbuilding Works), Renfrew Dock (Renfrew Harbour), Shieldhall (rebuilding and reopening).
19/07/1926Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway
Renfrew Porterfield to Cardonald Junction closed to passengers


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