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Deanside (1903-1905)

Opened on the Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway.


This was an island platform station with a station building with canopies on all sides. Access was from the north end by a flight of stairs from a road overbridge carrying Old Govan Road / Old Renfrew Road.

The signal box (1903) was north of the bridge and on the east side of a double track junction. The main line ran west and a branch ran north west, the Clyde Trust Siding which ran to Renfrew Harbour. The Deanside Depot was reached by reversal from this siding, this depot being on the north side of Old Renfrew Road.

The station was opened in an area of low population. In the following years, the King George V Dock was developed to the east, Braehead Transit to the north, Deanside Transit to the south. The Clyde Trust Siding to Renfrew Harbour started from the north of the station.

The station closed early, closing in 1905. The other stations closed in 1926.

The signal box closed in 1925 when the line was singled.

Braehead Transit opened in the Second Wolrd War in the 'V' of the junction between the main line and Renfrew harbour line. Deanside Transit opened to the south. Both consisted of four large transit sheds with a small marshalling yard laid on the north side.

The island platform remained until the 1970s.

The site is today a loop used for reversal to access Deanside Transit, to the south.


Station short lived

Chronology Dates

01/06/1903Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway
Opened to passengers. Stations at; Deanside, Renfrew Kings Inch, Renfrew Porterfield.
02/01/1905Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway
Deanside closed to passengers.