London Works

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London Works (-1963)

Served by the Paisley and Renfrew Railway.


This engineering works and shipyard was particularly noted for the building of dredgers used for the construction and maintenance of harbours, with many overseas contracts.

It was located on the south bank of the River Clyde opposite Yoker Lodge, just to the east of Blythswood House and north of Renfrew. To the immediate east was the Renfrew Wharf terminus of the Paisley and Renfrew Railway, sidings fanning out to serve the works. To the immediate west was Lobnitz's Engineering and Shipbuilding Works.

The slips were in the north of the site with the shipyard and engineering works to the south.

The shipyard belonged to J.W. Hoby & Co and the engineering works was owned by Fox, Henderson & Co when both were bought by William Simons [Junior] in the late 1850s.




East Renfrew Shipyard

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29/01/1897Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway
Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway authorised. The line is to run from by Cardonald Junction to Renfrew Porterfield. Branches to Lobnitz Shipyard (London Works), Simon's Shipyard (Engineering and Shipbuilding Works), Renfrew Dock (Renfrew Harbour), Shieldhall (rebuilding and reopening).

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30/12/2021The Corozal: Scottish dredger that helped build the Panama Canal [BBC News]