Paisley and Renfrew Railway


This line is closed. Some of its course is now a footpath and some is a roadway through the Babcocks works.


  /  /1835[Paisley and Renfrew Railway]
Act receives Royal assent.
21/07/1835[Paisley and Renfrew Railway]
First 3 miles opened.
03/04/1837[Paisley and Renfrew Railway]
Opened. This 4ft6in line ran from Paisley Hamilton Street (near the later Paisley Abercorn) to Renfrew Wharf. Locomotives were used.
24/07/1847[Paisley and Renfrew Railway]
[Glasgow Paisley Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway]
Paisley and Renfrew Railway absorbed by Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway.
05/06/1967[Paisley and Renfrew Railway]
Renfrew Wharf to Arkleston Junction closed to passengers.
05/06/1967[Paisley and Renfrew Railway]
Paisley Abercorn closed.
05/01/1981[Paisley and Renfrew Railway]
Arkleston Junction to Sandyford Halt closed officially (track remains until 1986).

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was the Paisley terminus of the early Paisley and Renfrew Railway. It was on the north side of Hamilton Street in the west to middle of the block between Abercorn Street (west) and Renfrew Street (east). When opened it was on the northern edge of Paisley. This was the first station in Paisley, probably just called 'Paisley' on opening.

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The highly attactive remains of Paisleys first station, Hamilton Street. ...
Ewan Crawford //1987

This was a short lived timber platform halt. The platform as on the west side of the line, just south of Wright Street.

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Site of the former Sandyford Halt station looking towards Paisley Abercorn in 1998. The station had timber platforms and sidings serving the works on ...
Ewan Crawford //1998
Looking north east from Sandyford Halt towards Renfrew Porterfield and Renfrew South. The line had recently been lifted. The Babcock and Wilcox works ...
Ewan Crawford //1987

This was a two platform station which did not open with the line. The Renfrew Forge and Steel Works was already open on the west side of the line and the Albert Cabinet Works to the east.

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At Renfrew South. CR type 4.6.0 54634. The Stephenson Locomotive Society Renfrew District Tour. ...
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow 03/05/1952

This two platform station was opened on the western edge of Renfrew when the railway was re-gauged, doubled and connected to the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway. The station was closer to the town than the terminus Renfrew Wharf which was on the south bank of the River Clyde to the north.

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View south looking to Renfrew Fulbar Street in 1998. The station building, on the left, is now a house. ...
Ewan Crawford //1998
Site of former Fulbar Street Station on the Paisley Renfrew branch. ...
Alistair MacKenzie 01/10/1981
C.R. 0.6.0 57562 on the Renfrew District crossing over the G&S.W. to Wharf station. ...
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow 16/04/1953
Renfrew Fulbar St. Class 2 4.4.0 40595 on St. Enoch train. ...
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow 16/04/1953

The terminus of the line from Paisley Hamilton Street was at a quay by the River Clyde, to the west of the Renfrew Ferry.

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HR 103 at Renfrew Wharf on 17 April 1965 with Scottish Rambler No 4. ...
G W Robin 17/04/1965
The view from the passenger access looking south in June 1969. ...
Colin Miller /06/1969
Scene on the Paisley & Renfrew line just south of Wharf station looking towards Fulbar Street around 1966. The locomotive is BR Standard class 4 2-6-0 ...
Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) //1966
One of Corkerhill's Standard Class 5 4-6-0s no 73120 stands with an unidentified train at Renfrew Wharf station, thought to have been photographed in ...
K A Gray //1966