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Paisley Hamilton Street (1837-1866)

Opened on the Paisley and Renfrew Railway.


This was the Paisley terminus of the early Paisley and Renfrew Railway. It was on the north side of Hamilton Street in the west to middle of the block between Abercorn Street (west) and Renfrew Street (east). When opened it was on the northern edge of Paisley. This was the first station in Paisley, probably just called 'Paisley' on opening.

The line was single track and 4 ft 6 in (Scotch Gauge) rather than standard gauge. Locomotives were used from opening as the line was in competition with the White Cart, just to the west, and a turnpike road, to the east.

The station had a stone building on Hamilton Street, with a timber trainshed on its west side, and a timber goods shed a little further north on the east side.

The 1860 Ordnance Survey Name Book described it thus

A neat and substantial building two storeys high, with a carriage & goods sheds attached, it consists of a booking office, and the usual waiting rooms, the latter are indifferent; situated in Hamilton Street. The property of the Glasgow & South Western Railway Company.
It is the terminus of the Paisley & Renfrew.

A cluster of small works such as Vulcan Works (Engineering), and Vulcan Foundry were by the terminus.

The main line from Bridge Street to Paisley opened in
1840. No connection was made due to different gauges.

Finally in 1866 it closed for re-gauging. In 1874 a connection to the main line and conversion to standard gauge were completed. The station, unable to re-open usefully as a passenger station as it was on a short branch, became a goods yard. It was replaced by Paisley Abercorn, just to the east on the new connecting line.

The yard was served from Abercorn Junction. There were two sets of two sidings.

A large rail served store was added on the east side of the yard, served from the north.

The goods yard closed around 1965 and site cleared.

The site is currently vacant. A low sandstone wall, repaired with brick, fronts Hamilton Street and, to its east, a single storey of attractively faced sandstone remains of a building.

The site is unmarked and unloved.


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03/04/1837Paisley and Renfrew Railway
Opened throughout. This 4ft 6in line ran from Paisley Hamilton Street (near the later Paisley Abercorn) to Renfrew Wharf. Locomotives were used.