Paisley Abercorn

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Paisley [Abercorn] (1866-1880)
Paisley Abercorn (1880-1967)

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Opened on the Paisley Abercorn Curve and Greenlaw Goods (Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway).


This was a two platform station on a tight curve at the south end of the branch to Renfrew. The station replaced the earlier Paisley Hamilton Street terminus of the Paisley and Renfrew Railway.

The main station building was on the Renfrew bound platform. It bore some resemblance to that at Paisley Canal [1st]. There was a smaller building on the Glasgow bound platform. Both were canopied. There was a signal box, 'Abercorn', at the north end of the Renfrew platform, opened in 1881.

There was no goods yard, the old Hamilton Street station providing goods facilities and close by, to the south, there was the large Greenlaw Goods.

The curve from the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway was eased in 1874 and the southern end of former curve was used as an approach to Greenlaw Goods. A single track of the older curve was retained.

The line was singled in the 1930s, the northbound line being retained.

The signal box closed in 1970, replaced by the Paisley Power Box.

After closure in the 1980s the line was lifted in 1986 and the trackbed was converted into a footpath running north to Sandyford Halt. This was not a particularly successful conversion and the trackbed is now overgrown and blocked at both ends.

It was unfortunate that the railway was not able to serve Paisley Gilmour Street and required this extra station.

Various plans to bring a railway to Glasgow Airport have been suggested. One of these was to reinstate the line here and built a bridge over the White River Water close to the M8's White Cart Viaduct.


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Chronology Dates

03/04/1837Paisley and Renfrew Railway
Opened throughout. This 4ft 6in line ran from Paisley Hamilton Street (near the later Paisley Abercorn) to Renfrew Wharf. Locomotives were used.
05/06/1967Paisley and Renfrew Railway
Renfrew Wharf to Arkleston Junction (excluded) closed to passengers. Renfrew Wharf, Renfrew Fulbar Street, South Renfrew, Sandyford Halt and Paisley Abercorn stations closed.