Sandyford Halt

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Sandyford Halt [Private] (1914-1966)
Sandyford Halt (1966-1967)

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Opened on the Paisley and Renfrew Railway.


This was a private halt which was only short lived as a public station. It was a timber platform halt. The platform was on the west side of the line, just south of Wright Street.

The halt was provided for and alongside Ogston and Tennant's Renfrew Mill, the line running just to the east with sidings approaching the mill from the south.

The line had been singled (southbound line lifted) by the time the halt opened. In photographs it looks like a double track because the second track was a headshunt for works to the north (Babcox And Wilcox Boiler Works), where the line re-doubled.

To the south sidings radiated out from Sandyford Signal Box (1911-1936).

The trackbed southwards was converted into a footpath after track lifting around 1986. The footpath is no longer in use.


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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
NLS Collection OS map of 1944-67

Chronology Dates

05/06/1967Paisley and Renfrew Railway
Renfrew Wharf to Arkleston Junction (excluded) closed to passengers. Renfrew Wharf, Renfrew Fulbar Street, South Renfrew, Sandyford Halt and Paisley Abercorn stations closed.
05/01/1981Paisley and Renfrew Railway
Arkleston Junction to near Sandyford Halt closed officially (track remains until 1986).