Sandyford Signal Box

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Sandyford Signal Box (1911-1936)

Opened on the Paisley and Renfrew Railway.


This signal box was between Abercorn Junction (to the south) and Sandyford Halt (to the north). The box controlled a loop for the Renfrew Mill, to the north, west side of Sandyford Halt and sidings for Sandyford Chemical Works (approached from the box) and Sandyford Metal Window Works (approached from the south), both to the south of the box.

The box itself was on the west side of the line and opened in 1911. Sandyford Halt, initially private, opened in 1914 to the north of the box.

The box closed in 1936.

The trackbed became a footpath after tracklifting. This was not a successful route and has been closed to pedestrians.


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