Renfrew Wharf

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Renfrew (1837-1866)
Renfrew Wharf (1866-1967)

Opened on the Paisley and Renfrew Railway.


The terminus of the line from Paisley Hamilton Street was at a quay by the River Clyde, to the west of the Renfrew Ferry.

The track was not standard gauge, but 4 ft 6 in, two inches narrower than Standard Gauge.

This was some distance from Renfrew itself, nearly two miles from Renfrew Cross. Because of this Renfrew Fulbar Street opened in 1866, much closer to the town and the terminus was given a new name, Renfrew Wharf. At the same time the line was re-gauged to Standard Gauge.

The station was rebuilt several times. At one stage it had a small trainshed. Latterly it had a single platform, on the west side of a loop, with carriage sidings behind it to the west. The quay was damaged by bombing in the Second World War.

Sidings were laid to several works and the bridge carrying Meadowside Street over the line extended as further lines opened. To the west the London Works was served and to the east a line ran to the Renfrew Ferry.

To the south of the station was Meadowside Junction where the lines divided and the signal box was located.

By closure the site was somewhat bleak. Industrial use since closure has removed most of the remains except the road bridges to the south.


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Chronology Dates

03/04/1837Paisley and Renfrew Railway
Opened throughout. This 4ft 6in line ran from Paisley Hamilton Street (near the later Paisley Abercorn) to Renfrew Wharf. Locomotives were used.
  /  /1958Paisley and Renfrew Railway
Renfrew Wharf closed to goods (except oil traffic).
05/06/1967Paisley and Renfrew Railway
Renfrew Wharf to Arkleston Junction (excluded) closed to passengers. Renfrew Wharf, Renfrew Fulbar Street, South Renfrew, Sandyford Halt and Paisley Abercorn stations closed.
  /  /1977Paisley and Renfrew Railway
Final railtour to Renfrew Wharf.
  /  /1978Paisley and Renfrew Railway
Renfrew Wharf to South Renfrew closed.