Meadowside Junction

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Meadowside Junction (-1978)

Opened on the Paisley and Renfrew Railway.


This junction was the fan out of rails to the south of Meadowside Street in Renfrew. It was just south of Renfrew Wharf station.

The line from the south split on the approach to the wharf. From west to east the line split to serve
- Lobnitz ' Co's Siding (for the Lobnitz Shipyard, this siding was also served from the Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway)
- London Works - Renfrew Wharf station
- oil refinery
- Renfrew Ferry - the turntable

The signal box 'Meadowside Junction' was on the west side of the junction. It was replaced in 1892 by 'Renfrew Wharf' box in a similar position.

The branch closed to passengers in 1967 when the box closed and the line was singled.

The railway survived until 1978 although somewhat overgrown at the Renfrew end. The final sidings to have remained in use were the oil refinery and Lobnitz siding.

The trackbed, partially landscaped, survives but overgrown. A very long bridge which carried Meadowside Street over the fanout of sidings remains.