Rhymney Railway


24/07/1854Rhymney Railway
Act for a line from the Rhymney Iron Works to the Taff Vale Extension of the Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway at Hengoed.
02/07/1855Rhymney Railway
Act for line from Hengoed to Walnut Tree Junction at Taff's Well on the Taff Vale Railway. Running powers granted from Walnut Tree Junction to Crockherbtown Junction, just north of Cardiff Queen Street. A Rhymney Railway line is authorised from here to Bute East Dock.
  /09/1857Rhymney Railway
Branch to Bute East Dock opened.
  /09/1857Bute East Dock Branch (Bute Trustees)
Branch opened and leased to the Rhymney Railway, as then not yet opened.
  /  /1858Brecon and Merthyr Railway
Bill presented for line to Dowlais. Backed by the de Wintons and other Brecon bankers. Also backed by GT Clark of the Dowlais Iron Company and John Boyle of the Rhymney Railway. Engineer: Henry Conybeare.
25/02/1858Rhymney Railway
Opened to freight.
31/03/1858Rhymney Railway
Opened to passengers.
  /  /1860Rhymney Railway
Cornelius Lundie leaves the Blyth and Tyne Railway and joins the Rhymney Railway board.
31/12/1860Railway Clearing House
By this date, Carlisle and Port Carlisle Railway and Dock, Bradford, Wakefield and Leeds Railway, Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock, Coleford, Monmouth, Usk and Pontypool Railway, Darlington and Barnard Castle Railway, Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway, Great North of Scotland Railway, Great Western Railway, Hertford and Welwyn Junction Railway, Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway, Luton, Dunstable and Welwyn Junction Railway, North Yorkshire and Cleveland Railway, Rhymney Railway, South Wales Railway, Stamford and Essendine Railway, Taff Vale Railway, Vale of Clywd Railway and Warrington and Stockport Railway join.
01/08/1861Rumney Railway
Act passed to convert tramroad into a railway and modify levels and for a branch from Machen to the Rhymney Railway at Caerphilly.
25/07/1864Rhymney Railway
Act for Caerphilly to Cardiff Line (Rhymney Railway) and connection to the Caerphilly Branch (Brecon and Merthyr Railway). Traffic agreement made with the London and North Western Railway. Larger company helps finance smaller company's plans.
01/11/1868Deri Branch (Rhymney Railway)
Line opened from Bargoed North Junction to Deri. The Brecon and Merthyr Railway had running powers of this from Deri to the main line of the Rhymney Railway and from there to the junction with a spur from the Rumney Railway.
01/11/1868Extension to Rumney Railway (Brecon and Merthyr Railway)
Northern section opened from Pant to Deri. The Rhymney Railway had running powers from Deri to Fochriew and Pantywaun for freight and had a connection from Fochriew to the Taff Bargoed Joint Line.
  /  /1871Rhymney Railway
Original Caerphilly station closed.
  /  /1871Rhymney Railway
Connection made between the Rhymney Railway (at south facing Penalltau Branch Junction) to a west facing junction on the Taff Vale Extension. This gave access to the line as far west as Middle Duffryn Junction and also the Taff Bargoed Joint Line and Quakers Yard and Merthyr Joint Railway both of which were jointly owned by the Great Western Railway and the Rhymney Railway to compete with the Taff Vale Railway.
01/04/1871Rhymney Railway
Cardiff Adam Street terminus closed on the opening of Crockherbtown.
05/09/1871Rhymney and Nantybwch Joint Line (London and North Western Railway, South Wales and Rhymney Railway)
Joint line from Rhymney to Nantybwch opened.
02/10/1871Rhymney and Nantybwch Joint Line (London and North Western Railway, South Wales and Rhymney Railway)
Joint line from Rhymney to Nantybwch opened to public traffic. The London and North Western Railway diverts all of its Cardiff bound traffic to the Rhymney Railway route.
01/10/1875London and North Western Railway
Opens depot at Tyndall Street Goods, Cardiff, approached by 1/2 a mile of traffic from the Rhymney Railway.
08/08/1878Pontypridd, Caerphilly and Newport Railway
Act passed. Promoted by J.C. Parkinson of the Alexandra Docks and Railway and Sir George Elliot of Powell Duffryn Collieries. Double track line to run from south of the Taff Vale Railway's Pontypridd station (Pontypool, Caerphilly and Newport Junction Railway) to Caerphilly (Penrhos Upper Junction) on the Rhymney Railway. Running powers over the Brecon and Merthyr Railway's Caerphilly Branch to Machen and on to Bassaleg Junction with the Alexandra Docks and Railway. Engineer Sir James W. Szlumper.
01/04/1886Quakers Yard and Merthyr Joint Railway (Great Western Railway and Rhymney Railway)
Opened. The line connected to the Crawshays Private Railway and the Vale of Neath Railway at Merthyr. Joint Great Western Railway and Rhymney Railway.
  /  /1888Rhymney Railway
Crockherbtown renamed Cardiff (Rhymney).
  /  /1890Senghenydd Branch (Rhymney Railway)
Act passed.
01/02/1894Rhymney Railway
Aber opened
01/02/1894Senghenydd Branch (Rhymney Railway)
  /  /1896Barry Dock and Railways
Obtains powers for a line from the Rhymney Valley Branch to the Senghenydd Branch of the Rhymney Railway. The connection is not built.
12/08/1898Treforest Line (Cardiff Railway)
Railway projected from Roath to Heath (on the Rhymney Railway), Walnut Tree Gap and on to Treforest (and the Taff Vale Railway).
26/06/1899Rhymney Railway
Aber renamed Abertridwr
  /  /1901Rhymney Railway
Locomotive works transferred to east of Caerphilly station.
01/08/1901Rhymney Valley Branch (Barry Dock and Railways)
Tynycaeau Junction to Penrhos Upper Junction (with the Rhymney Railway) opened. Walnut Tree Viaduct opened.
  /  /1904Senghenydd Branch (Rhymney Railway)
Senghenith renamed Senghenydd.
  /  /1906Rhymney Railway
Cylla Branch partly opened from Ystrad Mynach to Penrhiwfelin.
  /  /1907Barry Dock and Railways
Run train to the Rhymney Railway's Caerphilly station for a visit of Kind Edward VII.
  /  /1909Rhymney Railway
Cylla Branch complete.
  /05/1909Taff Vale Railway, Rhymney Railway, Cardiff Railway
Merger proposed and amalgamation bills produced. (Merger fails.)
  /  /1913Caerphilly to Cardiff Line (Rhymney Railway)
Caerphilly station re-built with four platforms and a bay platform.
  /  /1917Taff Vale Railway, Rhymney Railway, Cardiff Railway
E.A. Prosser, formerly of the Rhymney Railway, becomes Joint General Manager.
  /  /1924Rhymney Railway
Cardiff (Rhymney) renamed Parade.
17/09/1926Rhymney Railway
Beddau Halt renamed Aber Junction
15/04/1928Rhymney Railway
Cardiff Parade closed. The station had two platforms and a bay. Trains were diverted to Cardiff Queen Street.
14/04/1930Rumney Railway
New Tredegar (excluded) to McLarens Colliery (excluded and also served by the Rhymney Railway) closed.
23/09/1953Rhymney Railway, London and North Western Railway, South Wales
Joint line from Rhymney to Rhymney Bridge closed.
  /  /1962Senghenydd Branch (Rhymney Railway)
Closed to freight, but retained for Windsor Colliery, south of Senghenydd.
01/07/1963Rhymney Railway
Caerphilly workshops closed.
15/06/1964Rhymney Railway
Abertridwr closed
15/06/1964Senghenydd Branch (Rhymney Railway)
Closed to passengers.
05/05/1965Rhymney Railway
Aber Halt renamed Aber
06/05/1968Rhymney Railway
Aber Junction renamed Aber Halt
05/05/1969Rhymney Railway
Aber Halt renamed Aber
  /  /1970Caerphilly to Cardiff Line (Rhymney Railway)
Station re-built with two platforms and a bus interchange.
  /11/1976Rhymney Railway
Tirphil to McLarens Colliery closed.
  /  /1977Senghenydd Branch (Rhymney Railway)
Closed completely.
09/01/1977Rumney Railway
Bargoed to Britannia Colliery closed, coal worked by the National Coal Board over their private line to Bargoed Washery connected to the Rhymney Railway at Bargoed Pits Junction.
03/09/1978Rhymney Railway
Branch to Ogilvie Colliery closed.
23/05/1982Rhymney Railway
Bargoed Pits Junction to Bargoed Washery closed.
08/11/1991Rhymney Railway
Cylla Branch closed on removal of final stocks at Penallta Colliery.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

Train approaching Ystrad Mynach from the south. ...
Ewan Crawford //
Coal train takes the link to the Taff Vale Extension at Ystrad Mynach. After several years of disuse the line reopened to Cwm Bargoed for coal loading ...
Neville Davies 12/04/2008
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Modern developments at Bargoed, particularly the new road system, give the station a hemmed in feel and there is a short artificial tunnel at ...
Mark Bartlett 19/09/2009
The start of the single line section to Rhymney is controlled by semaphore lower quadrant signals from Bargoed's plain looking Signal Box. Some ...
Mark Bartlett 19/09/2009
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37421 hauls the second evening commuter train from Cardiff Central to Rhymney out of Tirphil on 27th August 2019. Fans of the class 37 exhaust note ...
Ken Strachan 27/08/2019
Northbound DMU approaching Tirphil on a winter evening circa 1988. Notice the jiggles in the DMU headlight trail - let alone in the ...
Ken Strachan /12/1988
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37408 passes Pontlottyn in either February or March 2002 with a Rhymney to Cardiff passenger working. 37408 was on these services until August 2005 ...
John Clark //2002
A 'nodding donkey' for Penarth calls at Pontlottyn in August 2017. The waiting shelter is very practical in the damp Valleys climate. ...
Ken Strachan 19/08/2017
Although Pontlottyn was in coal mining and iron furnace country, the locals in Victorian times couldn't get a pub built, due to restrictive covenants ...
Ken Strachan 19/08/2017
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A Sprinter heading for Barry leaves Rhymney in 2003. The MkII coaches in the sidings were used for many years on Class 37 hauled peak hour trains but ...
Ewan Crawford 21/06/2003
Sprinter enters Rhymney. Bit of a let down after the 37s. ...
Ewan Crawford 06/07/2006
A DMU for Barry Island stands at Rhymney in September 1986. ...
Ian Dinmore /09/1986
37 at Rhymney, looking south from the foot level crossing. ...
Ewan Crawford 21/06/2003
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