Dowlais Iron Company


28/07/1849Dowlais Iron Company
Builds own line, Dowlais Railway, from Dowlais to Merthyr as the existing old tramroad was poor and the Taff Vale Railway had not built its branch to the Dowlais Iron Works yet.
  /  /1858Brecon and Merthyr Railway
Bill presented for line to Dowlais. Backed by the de Wintons and other Brecon bankers. Also backed by GT Clark of the Dowlais Iron Company and John Boyle of the Rhymney Railway. Engineer: Henry Conybeare.
01/01/1873London and North Western Railway South Wales
Line extended to Dowlais Top and Ivor Junction with the Brecon and Merthyr Railway and access to Dowlais Lloyd Street and the Dowlais Iron Company.