Taff Vale Extension


  /  /    Nixons Private Railway
Served collieries around Mountain Ash. The line was served by the Taff Vale Extension from Nixons East Junction and Nixons West Junction. The line was also served by the Taff Vale Railway from Pontycynon Junction for Lower Duffryn Colliery. The two railway companies served Navigation Colliery Siding where unusual signalling was required.
  /  /1847Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway
Act for Taff Vale Extension passed. Line from Coedygric North Junction to the Taff Vale Railway at Quakers' Yard.
24/07/1854Rhymney Railway
Act for a line from the Rhymney Iron Works to the Taff Vale Extension of the Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway at Hengoed.
20/08/1855Taff Vale Extension
Opened from Pontypool Road to east of Crumlin Viaduct.
03/09/1855Taff Vale Extension
Line extended to Llanhilleth goods depot.
20/10/1855Taff Vale Extension (Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway)
Connection to the Beaufort Ironworks Tramway at Llanhilleth Junction opened.
  /06/1857Sirhowy Tramroad Taff Vale Extension
Tredegar Junction (Pontllanfraith) to Gelligroes Junction opened.
01/06/1857Taff Vale Extension
Crumlin Viaduct brought into use. Engineer; Charles Liddell. Contractor; T.W. Kennard of Garn Dyris.
01/06/1857Taff Vale Extension
Line extended from Crumlin to Tredegar Junction to meet the Sirhowy Tramroad.
11/01/1858Taff Vale Extension
Tredegar Junction to Quakers' Yard (Low Level) opened.
  /  /1862Vale of Neath Railway
Plan to lay third rail to allow standard gauge trains to run from Pontypool, via the Taff Vale Extension, to Neath.
  /  /1864Taff Vale Extension
Connection to the Aberdare Railway opened at Mountain Ash.
18/04/1864Taff Vale Extension
Line extended from Quaker's Yard (Low Level) to meet the Vale of Neath Railway at Middle Duffryn Junction. Opened for goods.
18/04/1864Taff Vale Extension
Opened from Quakers Yard to Middle Duffryn Junction to meet the Vale of Neath Railway.
05/10/1864Taff Vale Extension
Extension to Middle Duffryn Junction opened to passengers.
  /  /1865Taff Vale Extension, Sirhowy Tramroad
Tredegar Junctions completed on conversion of the Sirhowy Tramroad to standard gauge.
05/10/1865London and North Western Railway
Uses running powers over the Taff Vale Extension Railway and an agreement with the Vale of Neath Railway to serve Swansea.
  /  /1871Rhymney Railway
Connection made between the Rhymney Railway (at south facing Penalltau Branch Junction) to a west facing junction on the Taff Vale Extension. This gave access to the line as far west as Middle Duffryn Junction and also the Taff Bargoed Joint Line and Quakers Yard and Merthyr Joint Railway both of which were jointly owned by the Great Western Railway and the Rhymney Railway to compete with the Taff Vale Railway.
  /  /1880Llancaiach Branch (Taff Vale Railway)
Connection made to the Taff Vale Extension at a west facing junction.
10/03/1886Halls Tramway
Penar Junction, with the Taff Vale Extension, to Manmoel Colliery re-opened as standard gauge line.
  /  /1913Taff Vale Extension
Connection to the Aberdare Railway at Mountain Ash removed.
  /  /1928Taff Vale Extension
Crumlin Viaduct re-plated by the Great Western Railway.
  /  /1930Llancaiach Branch (Taff Vale Railway)
Railway between Nelson station and Nelson and Llancaiach on the Taff Vale Extension to be improved by the Great Western Railway to take passengers.
15/06/1964Taff Vale Extension, Vale of Neath Railway
Closed to passengers.
  /  /1965Taff Vale Extension
Crumlin Viaduct demolished.
  /  /1965Taff Bargoed Joint Line (Great Western Railway and Rhymney Railway)
Connected to Ocean Colliery and Taff Merthyr Colliery on closure of the Taff Vale Extension.
29/11/1971Taff Vale Extension
Middle Duffryn Junction to Mountain Ash sold to the National Coal Board.
31/03/1979Taff Vale Extension
Pontypool, Panteg and Coedygric Junction, to Hafodyrynys Colliery closed. Removed for road repairs. Sidings at Pontypool South and Coedygric removed and new sidings for BSC Stainless Panteg laid. Pontypool station signalbox replaced by panel at Newport.