Cardiff Railway


  /  /1897Bute Docks Company
Re-named the Cardiff Railway Company.
06/08/1897Cardiff Railway
Re-named from the Bute Docks Company.
12/08/1898Treforest Line (Cardiff Railway)
Railway projected from Roath to Heath (on the Rhymney Railway), Walnut Tree Gap and on to Treforest (and the Taff Vale Railway).
02/11/1903Roath Dock Branch (Great Western Railway, Cardiff Railway)
Joint line opened from Pengam Junction to Queen Alexandra Dock, Cardiff.
  /  /1909Treforest Line (Cardiff Railway)
Heath to Treforest opened, although Treforest Junction was not opened.
  /05/1909Taff Vale Railway, Rhymney Railway, Cardiff Railway
Merger proposed and amalgamation bills produced. (Merger fails.)
  /05/1909Taff Vale Railway, Treforest Lines (Cardiff Railway)
Temporary connection put in between the two lines at Treforest.
12/10/1909Taff Vale Railway, Treforest Lines (Cardiff Railway)
Temporary connection removed.
01/03/1911Cardiff Railway
Introduce railmotor service from Cardiff Parade to Rhydyfelin Halt.
  /  /1917Taff Vale Railway, Rhymney Railway, Cardiff Railway
E.A. Prosser, formerly of the Rhymney Railway, becomes Joint General Manager.
20/07/1931Cardiff Railway
Service cut back from Rhydyfelin Halt to Coryton.
  /  /1940Treforest Line (Cardiff Railway)
Rhydyfelin Viaduct demolished for war effort.
  /  /1952Treforest Line (Cardiff Railway)
Coryton northwards to Nantgarw Colliery closed on opening of a spur to Nantgarw by-products Plant from the Taff Vale Railway.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

Basic facilities at Heath Low Level but there is a half hourly service in each direction during the day. The next station on the Coryton branch is Ty ...
Mark Bartlett 18/09/2009
143614 uses the new (1984) link from the Coryton branch to join the Rhymney line at the relocated Heath Junction. Prior to that date trains from ...
Mark Bartlett 18/09/2009
The entrance to Heath Low Level, on the Coryton branch, is down a narrow ginnel between houses. Heath High Level, on the Rhymney line, is very ...
Mark Bartlett 18/09/2009

Long distance view of Ty Glas station on the Coryton branch from Caerphilly Road overbridge at the south end of Birchgrove Station. Barriers are ...
David Pesterfield 08/06/2011

142010 runs into Birchgrove station on 8 June returning to Radyr with the 15.45 service from Coryton. ...
David Pesterfield 8/06/2011