04/07/1855Peebles Railway
Opened from Hardengreen Junction (Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway) to Peebles [1st]. Stations opened at; Hawthornden, Roslin [1st], Penicuik [1st], Leadburn, Eddleston and Peebles [1st].
  /  /1870Penicuik Railway
Act receives Royal assent.
  /  /1870Mauricewood Pit (Penicuik)
Opened by Shotts Iron Works for ironstone. Gives impetus to the Penicuik Railway.
02/07/1872Penicuik Railway
Penicuik Railway opened from Hawthornden Junction (Peebles Railway) to Penicuik [2nd]. Stations opened at: Rosslyn [Penicuik Railway], Auchendinny and Penicuik [2nd].
02/07/1872Peebles Railway
Rosslyn [Peebles Railway] is re-named Rosslynlee. Penicuik [1st] is re-named Pomathorn.
16/02/1874Penicuik Railway
Rosslyn re-named Rosslyn Castle.
01/07/1874Penicuik Railway
Eskbridge opened.
  /  /1876Penicuik Railway North British Railway
Penicuik Railway absorbed by North British Railway.
05/09/1889Mauricewood Pit (Penicuik)
Disaster; fire ~70 killed
  /  /1909Mauricewood Pit (Penicuik)
01/01/1917Penicuik Railway
Eskbridge closed.
02/06/1919Penicuik Railway
Eskbridge re-opened.
22/09/1930Penicuik Railway
Eskbridge closed.
05/03/1951Penicuik Railway
Auchendinny closed.
10/09/1951Penicuik Railway
Penicuik [2nd] to Rosewell and Hawthornden (Hawthornden Junction) closed to passengers. Rosslyn Castle and Penicuik [2nd] closed.
01/07/1959Edinburgh Loanhead and Roslin Railway
Glencorse (Penicuik Gas Works) to Roslin closed to freight.
27/03/1967Penicuik Railway
Hawthornden Junction to Esk Mills paper mill closed to freight.
27/03/1967Peebles Railway
Line closed from Hawthornden Junction to Hardengreen Junction (excluded). The route was latterly used by freight trains for access to the Penicuik Railway.