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Ferry-Port-on-Craig (1850-1851)
Tay Port (1851-1879)
Tayport (1879-1966)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Northern Railway.

Opened on the Newport Railway.



This station was originally a terminus located next to the harbour which was to its immediate east.

The harbour was expanded on reclaimed land. Lines ran between the station and harbour to the north pier (short, at entrance) and onto the breakwater (the harbour wall) to the east. An extensive yard existed to the south of the harbour with a signal box at 'throat' at the south end. A slip for Thomas Bouch's 'Floating Railway' (a roll-on roll-off goods train ferry) to Broughty Ferry Pier was rail served and in the west of the harbour, close by the station. Maps would suggest the the southern of the two ramps was that used by the train ferry. A moveable, according to the state of the tide, loading ramp linked the slip to the ferry. A turntable was provided west of the station.

Through station

The station was modified on the opening of the Newport Railway to become a through station, modification largely being a slight realignment of lines at the north end of the station to complete a loop. A new building, backing onto a good shed, was provided on the southbound platform and the large canopy on the Dundee bound platform removed and replaced with a smaller version - the extent of the original being given away by a high wall running south from the station building. The main station building in Market Square, by no means as grand as that in Burntisland, appears to have survived the transformation. A new signal box was provided to the north of the station as was a footbridge, removed before closure.


No part of the passenger station remains today but a loading bank can be found on the north pier. The southbound platform building was lost before closure. The site of the coal and carriage sidings to the south of the harbour has been redeveloped for housing. These sidings were lifted before closure, around the time the line south of Tayport Spinning Mill Siding closed.


Tayport Harbour


Station Terminus Train Ferry

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