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Broughty Pier (1851-1887)

Opened on the Dundee and Arbroath Railway.


This was a train ferry station. From here passengers, goods and freight travelled by train ferry to Tayport.

The pier station itself was North British Railway owned, the approach line was Dundee and Arbroath Railway and later Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway. The central pier was engineered by Thomas Grainger and Thomas Bouch.

The original approach was from a rightly curved west to south line from Broughty Ferry. This was replaced by a gentler line from Broughty Junction with the introduction of the train ferry in 1850, the works being inspected in 1851.

The station was located on the next pier west from Broughty Castle. The station building sat on the pier, with lines also on the pier. To the south east of this were lines which served the ferry slip, where the trainferry was linked to the lines by one of Thomas Bouch's links.

The station closed in 1878 with the opening of the Tay Bridge [1st]. Following its collapse the ferries and train ferry operation restarted in 1880.

The line closed in 1887 with the opening of the second Tay Bridge. Sidings were used for carriages. The pier area was public land and left accessible, the approach line was fenced off to protect the public.

A tramway linked the centre pier to Broughty Castle and the east pier.

The lines to the slip were lifted by 1900, and harbour sides built up. A tramway connected the terminus to Broughty Castle. By 1920 the line was cut back from the pier and was simply sidings. It was cut back again in the 1930 to close to the junction by the Broughty Ferry Goods station.

Almost the entire alignment from Broughty Junction has been built over. Certainly no hint of the original curve from the west remains except at St Vincent Street. The pier remains and still has its slip.


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