PS Dandie Dinmont [I]


Built for the North British Steam Packet Company by A & J Inglis at the Pointhouse Shipbuilding Yard.

Named for one of Sir Walter Scott^s Waverley Novels^ characters.


Paddle Steamer


  /  /1866North British Steam Packet Company
Places order for its first two Clyde steamers with A & J Inglis, ready for the 1866 season, PS Meg Merrilies [I] and PS Dandie Dinmont [I].
  /  /1866PS Dandie Dinmont [I]
Sails from Helensburgh Pier to Rothesay Pier and through the Kyles of Bute to Ardrishaig Pier. In competition with Hutchison. Service withdrawn as not viable and due to finances of the North British Railway in general.
  /  /1868PS Dandie Dinmont [I]
Transferred to operate the Granton Pier to Burntisland Pier [1st] service. (Sometimes also operating between Tayport and Broughty Pier.)
  /  /1869PS Dandie Dinmont [I]
Returns to Clyde in 1869 for the Helensburgh Pier to Dunoon Pier and Holy Loch service.
  /  /1869PS Carham
Relocated to the Clyde. Operated from Helensburgh Pier to piers on the Gareloch and Dunoon (when the PS Dandie Dinmont [I] was unavailable).
  /  /1885PS Dandie Dinmont [I]
Withdrawn from service, becomes spare boat.
  /  /1888PS Dandie Dinmont [I]
Southsea, Ventnor, Sandown and Shanklin Steamboat Co. Ltd. buys PS Dandie Dinmont [I].
25/07/1891PS Dandie Dinmont [I]
Leaves moorings, springs leak and sinks in Portsmouth Harbour leaving funnels above water. Restored and returned to service 1892.
  /  /1899PS Dandie Dinmont [I]
Withdrawn from service.
  /  /1901PS Dandie Dinmont [I]
Laid up. On mudflats at Bembridge Harbour.
28/11/1902PS Dandie Dinmont [I]
Dragged from mudflats. Subsequently broken up in the Netherlands, at Slikkerveer near Rotterdam.